Benefits of Becoming a Media Partner

Quality Content
for blog/website
Increased Brand
Awareness by
inclusion in conference
Exclusive conference
discounts & offers
for your members
An exclusive cooperation between your organisation and selected media that brings
mutually beneficial publicity The main benefit of these two ways of partnership is to
establish a closer connection and networking among members with common interests,
which is itself right and may bring a win-win quality relationship. It also may mean a
recognition to your work which is always satisfying.

Promotional Benefits

  • Listing Media Partner on all marketing
    collaterals related to Maxabout
  • Dedicated link to your company website
  • Event mailers
  • Signage at the venue
  • Advertisement in the official conference
    program book
  • Complimentary insertion (one page
    flyer) in all attendee conference bags
  • Recognition during Maxabout and on
    the social media websites we have a

About Us

Maxabout is a complete guide for every user’s daily dose of information on the events happening around the automotive and mobile world. We are always working on exciting new content on these topics while presenting the information in a custom and easily understandable manner through our infographics makes us one of the the favorite among leading information websites.
Maxabout currently has more than 1.2 million subscribers while its total page views exceeds 11 million in its lifetime. We experience a 40 percent return traffic rate and currently has a Facebook page with 650,000+ followers. Maxabout has around 10,000 leads everyday.
The simplification of ‘how the things work on internet’ at Maxabout provides the clients with the most possible benefits from the working cycle of a general processes on the internet. The bikes and cars (both new and used) on Maxabout are reached by potential users indirectly through sources like Google, Facebook, Twitter and even the push notification on the devices while the organic traffic in many sections is class leading in the automotive industry.


Role of the Media Partner

Commitment of media
coverage of Maxabout
before, during & after
the event
Increasing the media exposure of
Maxabout in all media channels &
outlets associated with your organization to promote decision makers’ attendance
Listing of Maxabout
on all the social media
networks where
you have a presence
Co-promotion on
other partner/sister
Placing the Maxabout e-banner
on the company website and
other related websites
Dedicated mass mail
blasts to your
organization database

Interested in becoming a Media Partner?

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